Professor Neale G. O'Connor works extensively as a consultant, educator, and keynote speaker. He has delivered keynote speaking at events and conferences, conducted onsite executive education programs, and provided strategic advisory services to corporations, industry organizations and professional bodies worldwide.

  • How great firms manage their suppliers in China?

  • How Chinese firms use planning and control mechanisms to manage people, innovation processes and costs in areas of domestic and international markets? (How do Chinese Suppliers Win Big Contracts).

  • The seminar will focus on exploring how Chinese suppliers win contracts and manage large international customers. The speaker will share his view on the main challenge faced by Chinese suppliers and whether this challenge is associated with a specific strategy.

  • Creating alignment with Non-financial Performance Measures

    • What's on the mind of the CEO?
    • What's not on the mind of the CEO?
    • Performance measure design principals
    • A simple framework for formulating your firm's strategic competitive advantage
      1. Designing performance measures to link with strategy
      2. Incorporating subjective measures into the performance evaluation process
  • Executing Talent Management Strategy with the Human Resources Scorecard

    • Strategy and Human resources deliverable framework
    • Creating alignment between non-financial performance measures and talent management initiatives
    • Case study on talent management strategy execution
  • How to develop your EVP? Sharpen your talent sourcing strategy in a formalized EVP. An integrated training framework is presented and used to develop an EVP

    • Best practices of EVP
    • Defining your EVP
    • EVP Planning Matrix and Human Capital Management
  • Formalizing your CSR – for your talent sourcing and competitive advantage

    • Trends and Definition of CSR
    • Best branding practices – customer value proposition
    • Best practices in CSR – the role of human resources management
    • HR's Role in Building a Sustainable Enterprise: Field study insights from some of the world’s best companies
    • Summary - HRM Action steps
  • Success coaching

    • Person preparation
      1. Dare to fail – overcoming barriers to live your dream
      2. Focus, Filter and DO framework
      3. Psychology of success - beliefs and questions
      4. The strangest secret
    • Winning that job interview and your personal business plan
      1. You want to be what?
      2. Strengths
      3. Framework for describing your plan