Dr. Neale G. O'Connor, Risk Assessment and Stategy Execution

Professor O'Connor has published numerous papers including several in major journals such as Accounting, Organizations and Society, Information and Management, Journal of International Accounting Research, Australian Accounting Review, Journal of Business Research, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Journal of Applied Management Studies, Advances in Management Accounting, Multinational Business Review, Managerial Finance, Asian Review of Accounting, Keeping Good Companies, and Australian CPA Network Journal.

Research conducted includes several large field work studies that included visits to firms in Singapore (1993,1994), South Korea (1993, 1994); Hong Kong (1996), China (1997, 1998, 2001, 2005). These visits were part of my research on management accounting that has subsequently appeared in the publications:

  • How Chinese Suppliers Manage Their Large Customers?
  • How do Chinese Suppliers Win Big Contracts?
  • The Influence of Chief Executive Officers on Internal Control Environments
  • How great firms manage their suppliers in China?
  • How managers use total cost of ownership information in purchase order allocation decisions among multiple suppliers?
  • How Chinese firms use planning and control mechanisms to manage people, innovation processes and costs in areas of domestic and international markets?
  • How Chinese firms use performance measurement systems (incl, non-financial performance measures) to manage sales personnel and sales branch offices?


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